Meet Your Goals With Your Strategic Opposite

Within corporations, non-profits, and entrepreneurial ventures, there exist Visionaries and Executors. Visionaries tend to be Founders, Creative Team Leaders, the Leader of Innovation, Serial Entrepreneurs, and so on. If they're lucky, they're partnered with or avail themselves of Executors: "Right Hand" people whose brains jump immediately to practicalities.

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Confessions Of An Underbuyer

It starts with 'just a t-shirt.' Next thing you know, you're leaving the store with $300 of stuff! Money Doula, AJ Frenzel, wants you to practice Aggressive Truth Telling with yourself and decide where you want your money to go - before going to the store. Underbuyer or Shopper, prepare yourself to put your money where your priorities are.

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Ground Yourself With Intentional Planning

Planning? Planning sounds like a chore. You're all about spontaneity, being in the moment! But, maybe that "inner eye roll" of yours is misplaced. Let's step into "Beginner's Mind" and discuss how we spend our time, what planning looks like, and setting aside periodic quiet time to look at what’s taking up our calendars - by accident, or on purpose.

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